Saturday, July 13

10:00 AM04:00 PM

Where: 17 North William St., Johnstown 12095

Cost: Participants raise $100 cash bail to secure their release from jail. | Call Johnstown Historical Society for registration information

For more information please contact:
Chris Simek or the Johnstown Historical Society | 518-332-9953 or 518-332-7695 |

The Johnstown Historical Society is holding a “Jail & Bail” fundraiser. We are looking to arrest law breakers for violating Colonial-era laws! After arrest, they will be placed in a downtown Johnstown “slammer” (either the “stocks” in the park or a jail cell located at the corner of West Main & North William Sts) while raising bail, which will be set at $100.00. Participants will call friends and family to raise the cash to secure their release.

To receive an arrest warrant or to have a friend, co-worker, or family member arrested, contact as indicated below.

All proceeds will be used for maintenance and upkeep of three Johnstown Historical Society locations: The Drumm House, the Burk Inn, and the Historical Society Museum.