Wednesday, October 20

07:00 PM08:30 PM

Where: Johnstown Colonial Cemetery, West Green Street, Johnstown 12095

Cost: $5.00 per person | The Drumm House

For more information please contact:
Johnstown Historical Society | (518) 332-7695 |

Join the Johnstown Historical Society for a guided night time tour of the Colonial Cemetery on Wednesday nights in October beginning on 10/13
Learn about the lives and fates of some of the notable residents of the cemetery as well as some spooky tales of murder and grave robbing.
Your tour guides will take you into the cemetery lit only by lanterns and flashlights. Please bring your own flashlight and be aware that there are many overturned and broken headstones as well as tree roots and branches to watch for. This tour is not suitable for children under the age of 6.
When arriving meet your guides at the Drumm House to check in and pay admission. No reservations are required.
This tour is $5 per person. All proceeds benefit the Johnstown Historical Society and its maintenance of its 3 historical properties: The Drumm House, The Museum, & James Burk’s Inn.