Saturday, April 16

02:00 PM04:00 PM

Where: 237 Kingsboro Ave., Gloversville 12078

Cost: free

For more information please contact:
Marion Viglione | 725 2203 |

Fulton County Historical Society, Johnstown School Museum & Peck’s Lake School Museum will present a program on the past, present and future of education in Fulton County. The panel moderated by Greg Young FCHS Board member will include Noel Levee, Johnstown City Historian; Michael Gendron, Independent Historian; Marcia Gillis, Gloversville Middle School faculty; Kathy Dougherty, retired Northville Superintendent of Schools, Alice Peck, founder & curator Peck’s Lake School Museum; Carmelo D’amore, Johnstown School Museum.
Memorial plaques will also be dedicated to two long time FCHS Board members, benefactors and educators Gene Valk and Nancy Reynolds.
Museum will be open to visitors prior to the program.