Wednesday, December 14

06:00 PM08:30 PM

Where: Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts and Transitions, 2736 State Highway 30, Gloversville, NY 12078

Cost: $45 pre-registration /$55 at door | Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts

For more information please contact:
Nigra Arts Center | 661-9932 |

Carolyn Adamczyk has been creating stained glass art pieces for nearly 10 years. Join her as she teaches you how to create a beautiful beveled stained glass piece that will brighten any day. These pieces catch the sun in a prism effect and cast rainbows all around. Select your favorite color glass accent. You’ll be using the Tiffany copper foil method.

Note: Students must be age 18+ as they will be using real glass and equipment can reach temperatures of 800 degrees.
Cost is $45 pre-registration /$55 at the door
For more information go to /or call 518-661-9932