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Sunday, May 9

06:00 PM08:00 PM

Where: 143 West Main Street, Johnstown, NY 12095

Cost: Free To Attend

For more information please contact:
Pedro Rodriguez | 929-336-0021 | circleofmencny@gmail.com

You are invited to visit, explore, participate, connect and consider being part of our Positive Brotherhood, known as the Circle of Men.

We are a Men’s Group based in Central New York since 2018. We are a Personal Growth and Personal Development (Empowerment) Men’s Group.

We are an intentional community of men committed to contributing, connecting, conversing and supporting one another. Creating a Sacred Space for men to speak from their hearts within a space of safety, support, encouragement, compassion, love, truth, understanding, and challenge.

We meet EVERY TWO WEEKS on Sunday evenings from 6:00P.M. until 8:00P.M. We have Virtual Gatherings through the ZOOM platform.

Check Out Our Website For Details: www.circleofmencny.com