Saturday, March 21

01:00 PM04:00 PM

Where: Studio Herbage, 13 W Main St, Johnstown 12095

Cost: $65, SVAN member $60; includes all materials

For more information please contact:
James A Dempsey, Floral and Fiber Artist | 518:762-7755

Note: Registration closes March 16
Minimum 3, maximum 15 students
This entry level class will provide background in creating structures and armatures for use in floral design. (The class is also a prerequisite for Floral Structures 1 and 2 offered at Studio Herbage.) Structures and armatures are used to control botanical materials for placement within a design. Students will learn how to manipulate these elements while creating both vertical and horizontal structures and composites using linear materials such as Cornus, Salix and Polygonum cuspidatum.