Saturday, March 11

01:00 PM03:00 PM

Where: Mysteries on Main Street, Mysteries on Main Street 144 W Main St, Johnstown 12095

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Danny Varin will be signing and discussing his memoir Smokescreen.

August 9th, 2014 started out as just another typical day for Danny Varin but after the events that transpired on the racetrack between NASCAR star Tony Stewart and rising sprint car driver Kevin Ward Jr., he was left with emotions he didn’t know how to cope with.
This remarkable story explains how a tragic event like this could happen. In this book Danny explains how a racecar driver might think and react on the track. “That could have been me, both roles; I could play both of them perfectly.”
From the accident to the aftermath, the police, the media response, the Grand Jury Investigation, eye witness reports, the last hours of Kevin’s life and much more have been explained in this captivating story.