Wednesday, October 7

06:00 PM09:00 PM

Where: Edinburg Community Center, 47 Military Rd, Edinburg 12134

Cost: $70, SVAN member $65

For more information please contact:
Constance Dodge | 518:863-2201

Maximum 12 participants, age 16–adult

Learn to create a strong composition and draw with dramatic contrast. By observing every day life, students will explore the use of negative space and perspective. Also, students will use the Renaissance tradition of a grid to enlarge a smaller image as a drawing method. Overall, they will be introduced to line, value, textural mark making and spatial relationships. Dry, wet, and mixed media will be used during this session. Class is suitable for beginners as well as those with experience in drawing.
Call Constance Dodge at 863-2201 to enroll in class and request a materials list.