Saturday, November 18

10:00 AM07:00 PM

Where: Guardian Games NY, 422 Smith Road, Perth 12010

Cost: $20 per person, all of which will go towards prize support

For more information please contact:
Jeff Meyers | (518) 883-1257 |

This is our next 40k tournament, coming in at 2,000 points! This one will be standard ran like the last one with Eternal war missions being the primary condition. Next tourney we can may do something a bit different. The details for list building/tourney will be:

* 2,000 point lists maximum.
* 3 Detachments max
* No forge world units. Codex & Index ONLY
* Please list your all options on your typed/neatly written list
* Also, bring a Neatly typed / written list! Only 1 is needed, but if you have one checked by me by tourney start, you’ll get +1 point for your first tie breakers. (And I’ll give this no matter what, so don’t worry Zack you will defiintely get it this time)
* You will also get +1 point for having a fully painted ( 3 color minimum) and based (any sort of paint/ basing material) army that will go towards tie breakers. I may give out partial score on this if your army is mostly done but not complete
*Sportsmanship will also go towards tie breakers, but I’ll be doing it differently this time. Just know it’ll factor in.

20 dollars per person, all of which will go towards prize support.

Any questions please message me, (Mike)