Wednesday, February 11

02:00 PM04:00 PM

Where: High Rollers Skating, 4313 State Hwy 30, Amsterdam 12010

Cost: $5.00 | High Rollers Fun Center

For more information please contact:
Shelly Becker | (518) 843-0783 |

Skating at High Rollers counts as a “P.E.” class!!  And while you’re here satisfying a school requirement, HAVE FUN playing skating games. eating pizza, and winning prizes.  If you’re not home schooling, but believe in the program or have thought about homeschooling, come join us anyway and mingle with moms who know the ropes and love to share what they’re doing.  These moms are sweet and helpful and will share anything you want to know.  It’s so rewarding to watch the kids interact and develop social skills as they’re having a blast on our 10,000 sq. ft. maple skating floor. 

Join us every month on the SECOND WEDNESDAY OF EVERY MONTH from 2 – 4 p.m.!