Sunday, January 30

11:00 AM

Where: Into Wishin Studio & Crystal Shop, 31 North Main Street, Gloversville 12078

Cost: $25.00 per person |

For more information please contact:
Kelly Palmateer |

Do you need a reset for the month ahead? Do you need to release the physical & emotional blockages that stress has trapped in your body? Then a sound bath is the way….
Music has been used for centuries for healing and meditation by inducing a deep meditative and peaceful state. The sound vibrations impact our nervous system, engaging our relaxation reflex and inhibiting our stress response.
Join Nicole Miele of Rock & Soul Wellness for a mediation that will clear your mind and relax your soul. Nicole brings together the soothing sounds of singing bowls, drums, gongs and more. Let the sounds take you on a journey that is sure to leave you feeling relaxed & renewed.
Use a chair provided OR bring your own yoga mat, pillow & blanket for total bliss.
Instructor: Nicole Miele of Rock & Soul Reiki
Ticket: $25
contact us for participation via zoom link.
For Private sessions, please call Nicole at 518-461-3789.