Thursday, July 23

05:30 PM08:30 PM

Where: SVAN Arts Center, 132 S Main St, Northville 12134

Cost: $30, SVAN member $28

For more information please contact:
Patricia A Nugent, Writer | 518:863-6950

Minimum 5 participants
To all the world, Marilyn Monroe seemed to be simply a ditsy sex symbol. It’s only through her recently-discovered private journals that her intelligence, self- reflection and drive are revealed. Journaling is how she stayed true to herself despite Hollywood casting and how the world learned who Norma Jean really was.
Journals are beneficial to our physical and emotional health. This class will explore why journaling is so powerful for personal development and will offer tips on how to get the most out of this private literary form.
Participants should bring paper and a pen. Familiarity with the instructor’s book, They Live On: Saying Goodbye to Mom and Dad, is also recommended (available for purchase at the SVAN Arts Center in Northville).