Sunday, August 6

11:00 AM04:00 PM

Where: 60 Harrison Street, Glovrersville 12078

Cost: FREE | At Event

For more information please contact:
Mike Hauser | 518-725-5565 |

Parkhurst Field Gala taking place to include; Vintage Baseball played using the MLB Rules of 1886 (and using period authentic uniforms/bats/gloves/balls) to be played between the Whately Pioneers of Western MA and the A., J. & G’s of Fulton County. 1951 Gloversville Glover player Ralph Vitti, who went on to become a Hollywood Actor under the screen name of Michael Dante, will be inducted into the Fulton County Baseball & Sports HOF during the game. The Parkhurst Field Gala will also be taking place and will be aired live on WIZR 930AM & WIZR 102.9FM. Former players and coaches or family with memories of Parkhurst Field will be invited to be interviewed during the game. The event will serve as a fundraiser for the Parkhurst Field Foundation initiatives to revitalize the Parkhurst Field Facility. To see the revitalization plans, visit