Saturday, July 22

11:00 AM12:00 PM

Where: Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts and Transitions, 2736 State Highway 30, Gloversville, NY 12078

Cost: $25 per-class or 1gift card | Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts

For more information please contact:
Nigra Arts Center | 661-9932 |

Reiki & Meditation | Heather Mattioni, instructor
Saturday, July 22
Cost*: $25 or 1 gift card

This class is a one-hour workshop explaining the origins of Reiki and meditation and how they both work, along with a guided meditation. The instructor, Heather Mattioni, will teach you how to keep a journal expressing your personal journey. Your journal entries will be something you can look back on to remember your journey of relaxation and stress relief, in hopes to bring back that same feeling. You should bring your favorite journal to record your meditation experience. She will also introduce you to essential oils and their many benefits. To register visit or call 661-9932