Tuesday, August 16

01:00 PM02:00 PM

Where: Fulton County YMCA, 213 Harrison St., Johnstown 12095

Cost: Free

For more information please contact:
Regina Diemand | 413-247-5400 | regina@foodplay.com

A rollicking, fun-filled show featuring fantastic feats of juggling, circus arts, music, magic, and audience participation to help kids take charge of growing up healthy, happy, active, and fit!

Learn to juggle the foods you eat to wind up with a balanced diet. Discover how to make choices that are good for your health and the health of the planet. This healthful balancing act makes nutrition and physical activity come alive for young audiences as kids (and parents) learn how to be fit…with ToBe Fit.

And, after the show, kids are amazed to learn how to JUGGLE!