Tuesday, July 27

06:30 PM07:30 PM

Where: Northville Public Library, 341 S Third St, Northville 12134

Cost: free - register ahead | Northville Public Library

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Saratoga Historian Lauren Roberts will discuss the fictional character “Natty Bumppo” who appears throughout James Fenimore Cooper’s well-known series, The Leatherstocking Tales. He is known by several names throughout the five novels, including Hawkeye, Deerslayer and The Leatherstocking, but who was the real-life inspiration for this character? Within 100 miles of each other, two different upstate New York communities claim that they were home to the true inspiration for Natty Bumppo. So what’s the story here? Was David Shipman the true inspiration or was it Nathaniel Shipman? What was their connection to James Fenimore Cooper and what led to a war of words in 1874 which threatened a lawsuit over erecting a monument? REGISTER AHEAD