Saturday, May 13

10:00 AM04:00 PM

Where: Holiday Inn of Johnstown-Gloversville/308 Prime, 308 N Comrie Ave, Johnstown 12095

Cost: $65 if paid by April 15th, $75 after April 15th

For more information please contact:
Jodie or Sandy

Please join Jodie and Sandy as they set the gangplanks for you to board their vessel that will help you set the itinerary for your future! They will guide you to take the helm of your life! They will share strategies, new insights, new ideas, new creative ways to help you map out your future – YOUR LIFE—Your happy LIFE!

This is going to be an on-going journey to self-discovery and to your personal emotional fitness. Permission granted to come aboard and hear the successful “sea stories” of our guest speakers. They will share with you their journey and what they needed to do to stay afloat!

Trust me—You are NOT going to want to miss this event!

Why NOT? Because you never know where this trip might leave you!