The Fulton County Regional Chamber of Commerce & Industry held their 18th annual fundraiser for the Tourism Department to help their work in promoting the area to visitors on Friday, August 3, 2012 at the Holiday Inn Johnstown-Gloversville.

Gina DaBiere-Gibbs, Fulton County’s Director of Tourism said, “I’m grateful to the community for their support of our tourism program and am thrilled with the attendance during the evening’s festivities.  We are fortunate to have held this raffle for 18 years and to still have the continued support each year.”

The final two tickets holders for the evening’s raffle decided to split 1st & 2nd Prizes of $10,000 and $1,000, each receiving $5,500.

1st Prize & 2nd Prize Shared Winners of a total of $11,000, Ticket numbers 039 and 219 were Marie and Tom Jablonski and Don Biron and Clara Smith.

3rd Prize $1,000, Ticket # 066, Bob Mabie and Janine Dykeman

4th Prize $200, Ticket # 160, Debi Clemens and Debbie McGillis

5th Prize $100, Ticket # 289, Corbett/Cluchessy

6th Prize $100, Ticket # 109, Royal Mountain Campsite

7th Prize $100, Ticket # 251, Kathy Simonson

Consolation Prize (1st Ticket Drawn) $100, Ticket # 123, Jane Sitterly

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