“Bouldering” is a form of rock climbing; the climbs are usually short and are done without ropes, over a cushioned pad, known as a bouldering mat or crash pad. The Adirondacks are full of boulder fields, and Fulton County has several – including over 150 established climbs at Nine Corner Lake and the Pinnacle Pull-Off.

Bouldering is the ideal sport for those who have an analytical mind and like to solve problems. Individual climbs are called “problems” and the routes are rated on a numerical sale, indicating the difficulty. The idea is not to strive for endurance or distance, but to be able to climb the most challenging rocks – to be able to figure out the “problem.”  Bouldering is a short, intensive version of rock climbing.

Nine Corner Lake has become a very popular location for bouldering, probably because of its convenient location, just a short .9 mile hike off of Route 29A. And, since there are over 150 climbs, there is a range of difficulties.

To get more of an idea of what bouldering is all about, check out this video from a problem at Nine Corner. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pJDKfYa6g4[/youtube]


Remember, always be careful and be aware of the dangers and difficulties of a fall.