Event Details

Cardboard Sled Derby March 16th –5pm
$10 registration fee
You will compete in the age group of the oldest person riding in the sled.
You can race same sled in more than 1 class if you meet the age requirements. Additional class registration fee $5
Class 1: (yellow) age 1 to 11
Class 2: (green) age 12 to 20
Class 3: (blue) age 21 and older
*Helmets must be worn
*Only cardboard, tape and glue can be used to construct your sled. Decorate it with paint, crayons, etc.
*NO wood, plastic, rope, staples or metal will be allowed. You cannot put anything in your sled to add weight. You will be disqualified if your sled is found to contain these items.
*Keep designs family friendly. No profanity. Wear costumes and have fun.
*Push starts, no running starts.
*Maximum of 4 participants per sled. 3 riders and one pusher. Pusher can jump in the sled and ride after pushing
*2 to 3 sleds will race at one time.
*If your sled tips over, 1 rider can push the sled over the finish line to win.
*Officials at the finish line will determine winner and will make all final decisions on each race