Event Details

The Glove Theatre presents Floydian Trip, New England’s premier Pink Floyd Experience. More than a tribute group, Floydian Trip brings the sights, sounds, and spirit of Pink Floyd in an immersive evening that’s definitely not just “another brick in the wall”!


Pink Floyd quickly became known for their visuals and light shows. The band has said that they weren’t much to look at so they needed to present something else while performing live. Early on, they used oil and light projections to create a stunning visual. From Dark Side of The Moon on, Floyd began using films, more lighting, and effects to conjure the mood and emotion of the music they were writing and performing. Floydian Trip combines the best of the early Floyd years and later years to make each show a visually pleasing experience. Whether through projections, lasers, lights, or other effects, Floydian Trip creates a spectacular experience


Floydian Trip aims to recreate some of the spectacular and moving live performances that Pink Floyd became known for in the 1970s and 1980s. This era is sometimes known as the “Roger Waters Years.” Floydian Trip recreates the sound in both the performance and tone of how Floyd would have been heard if you were seeing them live on stage during the Dark Side of the Moon Tour, Wish You Were Here Tour, In the Flesh (Pink Floyd) Tour, or The Wall Tour. Floydian Trip painstakingly recreates the classic Pink Floyd live experience. The band has poured over thousands of hours of official, unofficial, and bootleg audio and video of Pink Floyd between 1973 and 1981 in order to create the most authentic live Pink Floyd experience you can witness.

21+ to drink with valid I.D.