Event Details

Please join Fulton County Regional SPCA’s R.A.S.E. Junior Interns for their very first Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser!
💜 Our Junior Interns (ages 12-16) are learning the financial ins and outs of non-profits this session – including budgeting and fundraising! At the beginning of their session, they were tasked with creating a fundraiser to benefit Fulton County Regional SPCA, including setting a realistic fundraising goal. After much discussion and planning, the interns decided that a pancake breakfast would be best and have set an ambitious goal to raise $500!
🐾 Next up, they will discuss budgeting the fundraised dollars and how they should be distributed within the shelter’s expenses – sponsoring adoption fees, vet bills, medications, community programming, etc.
💚 We are SO excited to support our Interns in this enthusiastic endeavor and hope you will join us in helping them to reach their goal!

Tickets may be purchased here 👉 fcrspca.org/rase/pancakebreakfast