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Big Fez & the Surfmatics

Sponsored by: Music Hero Fulton County Center For Regional Growth

Johnny Fez is an indirect descendant of Hawaiian legend Don Ho (his Aunt Heidi was Don Ho’s third wife). Johnny was born under a Chinese Fan Palm tree on the island of Taratupa and learned to play the ukelele listening to old 78 records that he would buy from merchant sailors. For many years Johnny toured with an all-girl ukelele orchestra before dedicating his life to surf music. Early in his career, he was one of the first guitarists to use a 12 string guitar in surf music. Johnny hooked up with the Fez boys at a beach party, and they played their first song together while sitting around the campfire. He is the creative force behind the Surfmatics’ international success. Johnny has been rockin’ in the summer sun with the Surfmatics ever since, singing about the surfing life.