Waterfront Park, Northville

Waterfront Park, Northville

I LOVE NY started the “New York Fall Foliage Report” on September 14 and continue until the end of the foliage season, around the first or second week in November.  Fulton County has its own “foliage spotters” to participate in this annual report.

Reporting station: Adirondack Country Store, Northville

Percent of trees predicted to have changed by the coming weekend: 95%

Brilliance: Average

Predominating colors: Yellow, Rusty Brown, Orange and Red

Rating: Peak

The leaves are fully changed in higher elevations with red, orange, and yellow being the predominating colors.  Lower elevations still have hints of green and leaves are starting to fall in some locations.  This weekend may be the last good viewing weekend before more leaves fall.

Nine Corner Lake  Photo Courtesy of Lindsey Dallos

Nine Corner Lake
Photo Courtesy of Lindsey Dallos

There are many Halloween activities to enjoy including parades, harvest farm to table dinging, and festive parties.  Don’t miss the viewing of the cult classic, the Rocky Horror Picture Show!

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