Some of the colors visible this week.

Some of the colors visible this week.

I LOVE NY starts the “New York Fall Foliage Report” on September 14 and will continue until the end of the foliage season, around the first or second week in November.  Fulton County has its own “foliage spotters” to participate in this annual report.

Reporting station: Lapland Lake Nordic Vacation Center, Northville

Percent of trees predicted to have changed by the coming weekend:  20-25%

Brilliance: Dull with spots of bright

Predominating colors: Greenish-Yellow, Brown with touches of Orange and Red

Rating: Just Beginning

The leaves are just beginning to change with a lot of green still visible.  But bright reds and oranges are appearing.

Other signs of the fall season are popping up as well.  Local farm stands have pumpkins and mums for sale.  And apple picking season has started.

leaves 9_10 2This weekend features an array of events from live music to food festivals.  The 23rd annual Eagle Mills Art and Craft Show kicks off on Saturday for two great weekends!  Lapland Lake is hosting the Second Annual Course the Wall Trail Run; your choice of either 5K or 9K on the Lapland Lake private trail system. Both courses include The Wall which is a short but steep hill conveniently located near the end of the course.

Come and enjoy the colors of autumn and the many events Fulton County has to offer.

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