THANK YOU Phoebe Sitterly for coordinating another event for our essential truck drivers!

Picture- From Feed the Truckers on April 27th, volunteers from Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber staff- Nicole Walrath, Director of Workforce Development, and Jenna Patterson, Business and Education Partnership Coordinator.

Local Woman Plans Second ‘Feed the Truckers’ Event For Tuesday, May 19th

St. Johnsville resident and retired teacher Phoebe Sitterly is using her “great appreciation” for truck drivers, and their dedication to serve, as the inspiration for an event to thank them with a bagged meal, planned for Tuesday, May 19th in Fultonville. This is the second event she is planning, as the first one was a great success.

The truck drivers event, “Sandwiches 4 Semis, A Free Meal to Say Thank You” will begin at 3pm., and feature a boxed meal for drivers passing through Nationwide Transportation Brokers, just off the Thruway, Exit 28, at 58 Riverside Drive in Fultonville.

A big thank you to Nationwide Transportation – and owner Vince Gramuglia, who will once again host the event. This event is also sponsored by St. John’s Reformed Church in St. Johnsville.

Sitterly and a team of volunteers will welcome any truck driver to stop on the 19th to pick up a meal. The NYS Truckers Association will help get the word out with advertising and posts.

Sitterly stated: “this second event will largely be supported by cash donations, that have just kept coming in. Ripepi’s will be helping to make the subs, Family Dollar in Gloversville is donating a lot of chips and various goodies, CG Roxanne is donating all the water, and the Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber is donating bags. We will again be giving away 200 meals for the truck drivers. The out pouring of cash donations – the people in Fulton and Montgomery Counties are so kind and generous. They want to help truck drivers so much- it is just so amazing! I can’t thank our wonderful community enough.”

Sitterly is happy to use her experience in her life to continue to organize community events. As a teacher for 30 years, Sitterly served as a class or club advisor during her entire career. She also served as Union President for 6 years. During her presidency, she was instrumental in the school merging process. In 2005 she helped kick off a fundraiser for the Margaret Reaney Memorial Library called “FlapJacks and Fairytales.”

Sitterly is forever grateful for the volunteers who were at the first event and will be at the second event on the 19th. Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce staff members Nicole Walrath and Jenna Patterson volunteered at the first event. Walrath stated: “To be a part of what Phoebe Sitterly has organized for the truck drivers by providing lunch, is just a small token to show our gratitude. We truly appreciate all of the long hours and hard work our front line works are putting in.”

Patterson said- “Phoebe is an outstanding person and I’m so grateful to be a part of this event that she put together. Seeing the smiles and gratitude that the truckers felt when I was handing them food made my entire day, and it showed me that it meant so much more to them than it did to us. I can’t tell you how many times I heard “God bless you.”

To volunteer for the truckers appreciation event, or to donate, contact Sitterly at (518) 844-9607.