The Fulton Montgomery Quilt Barn Trail (FMQBT) is located in upstate New York in the southern Adirondacks in the counties of Fulton and Montgomery.  The area is a mixture of agricultural landscape, rural countryside and small cities and villages.  The FMQBT is in the process of growing throughout the area and encourage residents to join the community pride and individual artistry found in a quilt barn trail.

Wooden barn quilt squares can be based on traditional patterns with individual influences making them unique to each property and community.  The square is frequently mounted on a barn and is thus called a “barn quilt”, while the building may be called a “quilt barn”.  When several of the squares are displayed throughout a community they create a “quilt barn trail”. They usually range in size from 4′ x 4′ to 8′ x 8′ although other sizes may be considered due to limited space.  They are made from exterior grade materials to last many years.  A material list is found on the website,

One of the bigger pieces on the trail is the Mayfield Mural, at the Mayfield Fire District Building on 28 North School Street. What started as an idea between the FMQBT and interim Superintendent Kathy Dougherty in fall of 2018 has been completed.

It’s been a collaboration among many in the Mayfield community. The project is the result of hard work and the talented students all coming together to make Mayfield a prominent stop on the Fulton Montgomery Quilt Barn Trail.

The mural itself is 8’ x 28’, and it consists of two 4’ x 4’ squares designed & painted by a Mayfield Fire District member & the CubScouts/Webelos Den. Of the remaining 2’ x 2’ squares, 38 were painted by students in a studio in art class at the Mayfield Jr/Sr Central school & the artist from the FMQBT.

The FMQBT now in its 7th year, is a steadily growing tourism trail with over a 160 registered locations.

We hope you will take a drive to see #155 along with the many others found in our latest brochure.

Brochures are available in many locations including the outdoor display at the Visitor Center in Vail Mills.

If you aren’t familiar with the trail please check out the video on YouTube & Facebook page,

Please visit, for more information and a pdf of the trail map.