Fish House Community Center

1170 County Highway 110
Broadalbin, NY 12025
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Northampton was established in 1762 and was known by the name of Fish House. It acquired its name from Sir William Johnson, who had a fish camp in the area.  Northampton/Fish House is located on the eastern shore of the Great Sacandaga Lake. In the 1920’s, it was decided to dam up the Sacandaga River in an effort to control flooding down state. In 1930, the Conklingville Dam was finished and the Sacandaga Valley was flooded to make the lake. Approxmately half of the town of Fish House was covered with water. There were eighteen houses that were moved to higher ground. This website is dedicated to educating the public about the history of Fish House/Northampton and its people.

The Fish House Community Center is made up of a group of neighbors who organize events at the center to provide neighborhood activities along with raising money to maintain the building.  We have three breakfasts every summer as well as our rummage sale which has been an annual event for over forty years.  In 2009 we had our first Historical House and Garden tour and it was a great success!!  In 2012, Fish House will be 250 years old and we will hold another Historical House & Garden Tour.