Lash’s Paintball and R/C

1174 County Highway 107, Fort Johnson (Perth)
Contact: Lash's Paintball | (518) 762-2581

Run by players for players. Proshop, speedball, woodsball (in real woods), two fields

Gun rentals package includes: Marker, Goggles, Hopper, CO2 and 500 paintballs $25 each

$10 Walk On: Sundays are $10 field walk on starting at 10am

Field Paint Only: Paint starting at $11 for a bag of 500

Private Party: Book now! Call or email to set up a private day of paintball. Great for birthday parties, team building, and more…

Marker Repairs: We fix and clean all markers starting at $15

Great exercise, challenging, promotes teamwork and spirit, fun, fun, fun!

R/C shop and track now open, crawler course coming soon. Redcat racing dealer.

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