Sherman’s Amusement Park

Caroga Lake Shore Rd, Caroga Lake, NY 12032. 
Contact: Kyle Price | 518-832-2041

Sherman’s is the concert venue  for the Caroga Arts Collective.

Named for its creator, Frank Sherman, the amusement park opened in 1921 and reached its peak in the mid-20th century before waning as a tourist draw in the Southern Adirondacks. By the time it closed for good in the early 2010s, it was open mainly for weddings and parties.

In the summer of 2017, Caroga Arts began to breathe new life into Sherman’s through presenting the “Sherman’s Revival Series” concerts and events at the property, opening up the old bumper-car pavilion near the waterfront as its principal venue. Since then, Caroga Arts volunteers, artists and staff have been caretaking the once abandoned property.

In December 2019, local resident and owner of the former Sherman’s Amusement Park George Abdella donated the historic property to Caroga Arts. Caroga Arts plans to undertake major updates to the property carrying it into a sought-after destination in the Southern Adirondacks.

Sherman’s is located at 106 Caroga Lake Shore Rd, Caroga Lake, NY 12032.


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