Westmeadow Farm and Dairy

251 North Comrie Avenue
Johnstown NY
Contact: Westmeadow Farm | 518-705-4562

Westmeadow Farm Store is our new retail store, located in the front of our Creamery in Johnstown, NY. We are proud to offer you our Westmeadow Farm and Dairy products, using our own Jersey cow and goat milk, straight from our farm!

We have also partnered with local vendors to you bring you local honey, maple syrup, and other local products. We support local farms and anticipate more partnerships within the community in the foreseeable future.

Our Farm

Located in rural Canajoharie, NY, Westmeadow Farm is home to both cows and goats. The farm boasts a milking herd of 150 Jersey cows. Our goat herd, totaling around 400 goats, consists of breeds from Alpine, Sanaan, and Nubian. We treat our animals, plants, and soils with the reverence Nature demands. Treating Nature with respect allows us to garner the means to create exquisite products for our customers.

Check out our YouTube channel to get an in depth look at the farm!

Westmeadow Farm produces a wide range of Palatine Cheddar Cheese and Cheese Curd, as well as artisanal goat cheese. Westmeadow Farm will also have tours on their farm in Canajoharie, where anyone can come see our Jersey cow and goat herd!

A 30 minute drive away from the farm, in Johnstown, New York, our creamery and farmstore is where our dairy products come to life. After both the cow’s milk and goat’s milk make the journey from the farm to the creamery, the magic begins!

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